When people find out you do graphic design you get asked to do graphic design a lot.  

These are some favorites from a grab back of projects I've done.


Fight for $15 Flyer

I was tasked with designing the layout of the flyer for Raise Up Massachusetts' Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage ballot campaign.  They needed it to be in black and white, and formatted simply to print on a standard printer.  They also wanted each 8.5 by 11 page to be able to carry two flyers and easily cut down the middle.  



These are some of my favorite logo designs I have done recently.  They include: a new pellet stove compan; an LLC and its DBA; an environmental consulting firm, and a satiracel newspaper.  

Students Against Gravity

I'm on the Babson College Improv team, Students Against Gravity*.  We're a very new troupe, so I made a logo for us.  

*If you're interested, we're called Students Against Gravity because the founder of our college, Roger Babson, hated gravity.  He spent millions of his own dollars over the course of life to fund research into how the human race could once and for all defeat gravity.  

Lake Forest Hearing MEmes

One other thing I did for Lake Forest Hearing's social media presence was to spruce up their Instagram page with memes.  This significantly increased engagement and followers.  Below are some of the hearing related memes I made.  

Solar Trade Show Booth

I recently began working for a Massachusetts based solar energy company, who tasked me with designing a new trade show booth for them.  

The booth needed to feel inviting, and entice people to sit down and sign up for a free solar energy assessment.  The banner text is all placeholder, as that will be a seperate design.