Lake forest hearing

In autumn 2017 I was hired by a boutique audiology firm called Lake Forest Hearing.  They are a leader in the high end hearing protection and hearing aid industry and work with musicians, Nascar drivers, astronauts, and regular people.   They brought me on board because they wanted to increase their branding cohesion, aesthetic energy, and social media.  

Below are several examples of assets I've created as part of this process.



trade show thumb.PNG

Trade show booklet

Lake Forest Hearing had a booth at the National Safety Council, and wanted to display its range of custom ear plug options.  It needed to have a professional but fun vibe, and encourage both employers and employees to invest in high quality hearing protection.  



These are three print based advertisements I've created. 

The first is a rear-view mirror insert for a Concours d' Elegance which Lake Forest Hearing  sponsored.

The second is poster for a custom ear plug fitting event, marketed towards air travel professionals.  

The third is a full page advertisement for the Lake Forest Symphony program.